A downloadable game for Windows

Forsaken Fish Fighters is a 2-4 player arena brawler game where players are fish, trying to knock each other out of the tank. It is a fun action packed party game.

Developed with a fantastic team of 10 people:

Donny LaPlume - Lead Designer

Tobiah Rosenblum - Audio and Technical Designer

Sammi Barch - Producer

Shane Beucler - Lead 3D Artist

Sasha Forman - 3D Artist

Jodie Garner - Prop artist

Sam Shaw - Lead 2D Artist

Tim Chartier - Technical Artist

Morgan Hooley - Lead Programmer

Zachary Miller - Programmer

Install instructions

Simple download the game and extract the zip folder. 

Make sure to keep the Forsaken Fish Fighters exe, the data folder, and the Unity dll in the same place.

Plug in between 1-4 xbox controllers, and have fun.


Forsaken Fish Fighters 209 MB


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how do I play on the pc like what is the hotkey for pc

32bit please? :P